How Many Ways To Qualify for ERTC?

How Many ways to qualify for ERTC? There are many more than the obvious turnover requirements

How Many ways to qualify for ERTC?

How Many ways to qualify for ERTC? It may have been that your accountant, or CPA told you that your business didn’t qualify for ERTC because your turnover reduction in 2020 & 2021 versus 2019 were to small, or your turnover actually increased in that period.

To an accountant that was all they looked at as a qualification, because that’s all they’re trained to look at. Figures. Gross receipts. Turnover. Profit.

If you asked them about supply chain issues, or social distancing regulations affecting your business, they would probably give you a blank look and change the subject.

The ERTC legislation has been amended and there are many more things that allow you to qualify for an ERTC claim.

Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues were, and in many cases, still are, causing serious problems for many businesses. If you have tangible proof that it is more difficult, and takes longer, to get essential supplies through to your business now than it did in 2019, prior to the pandemic, then our lawyers can make a very credible case to support your ERTC claim. In many cases this is enough to guarantee your claim is accepted by the IRS.

Government Mandated Closures

Government mandates closure orders covered many aspect of business life. These included, but were not limited to:-

Full or partial suspension of your business operation in any quarter of 2020 & 2021.

Limits on the operational capacity of your business caused by social distancing regulations or forced closure of indoor facilities.

Operational impacts caused by facility sanitation measures and closures from fumigation.

Travel Restrictions

Travel restrictions caused by government regulations or impacted by restrictions caused by said regulations. These would include the inability to attend business events, conferences or exhibitions essential to the operation of your business.

Additional Impact Events

Limitations imposed upon your business operations from the wearing of mandated personal protection equipment (PPE) .

The impact of delayed or cancelled projects due to the pandemic on your business.

How Many ways to qualify for ERTC? Here are many.

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